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» The world’s first all-women extreme 4X4 challenge
» More than 10 nationalities expected to join this year
» Girl competitors around the world are welcomed to be SHEMUD girls
» Will take place in Malaysia’s rainforest in different state every year
» Starts with 2 days of prologue near the city, 4 days in the wild jungle and 1 day in a city hotel for the closing ceremony
» Race cars are fully modified 4X4 off-road car equipped with extreme tires, performance winches, lockers and other optional
   modifications with full safety features
» A total of 30 short, technical and challenging special stages (SS)
» Consists of 20 Solo SS (individual team) and 10 Team SS (team of 2)
» Requires determination, strength, good teamwork and quick thinking
» Safety is SHEMUD’s top priority
» Beautiful campsite by the river and waterfall
» Campsites is like a jungle home where there are jungle beds, bathrooms, kitchens, yards with beautiful views and playgrounds
» Giving SHEMUD girls amazing lifetime experiences


» To uphold 4×4 activities within the international community of women


» To organise international 4×4 activities especially for women
» To encourage as many women as possible to be involved in 4×4 activities and become braver as well as more skillfull, experienced and adventurous


» To promote 4X4 extreme sport in Malaysia that has widely spread along with other motor sports
» To encourage more women to involve in this sport course that is usually monopolized by men
» To promote Malaysia’s eco-tourism destinations that are ideal for 4X4 off-road activities
» To expose to the participants, supporters and international tourists with the beauty of flora and fauna in the tropical rainforest in Malaysia
» To provide opportunities for the media delegation on various countries of 6 continents to experience a challenging off road  expedition
» To increase the spirit of sportsmanship among participants and to widen the networking among organizers, participants and the public

Founder’s Message

Narimah Samat (Nurin)
Founder, SHEMUD

First, I would like to share on how SHEMUD was born.

Seven years ago I was just like any normal girl who had no idea about 4X4 off-road and its adventure. A trip to the jungle of Sungai Phukin in Johor back in August 2008 had changed my life forever. I fell in love instantly. Two weeks after I followed some friends for my second “hardcore” off-road trip to Sungai Liang, Pahang during Ramadan. Constantly after that I keep on off-roading to places around Malaysia. Once I got my first 4X4 car in 2011 then I actively organized and participated in 4X4 trips, trainings, recreational programs, charity expeditions, rescue missions and gatherings.

The real racing experience started in the Rainforest Challenge (RFC) in 2012 and 2013 with my co-driver Norhayati Jamaluddin. It’s been one of the toughest and greatest experiences in my off-road life. RFC had been so amazing and I started to get bored with normal off-roading activities and desire more adventure. I began to travel to other countries to enjoy off-roading in competitions, overland trips, cross countries and extreme off-road expeditions. Most of the time less than 5 girls in an event and there were times I was the only girl. This is when I got the idea of SHEMUD so that more girls will join this awesome 4X4 extreme off-road sport.

November 2015 marked as the world’s first all-girls extreme 4X4 challenge ever organized. SHEMUD is a combination of “SHE” the feminine and “MUD” the nature and extreme adventure. First SHEMUD took place in beautiful tropical rainforest in Johor where tremendous efforts shown by all 12 participating teams. It has been a great satisfaction to be part of an event that has redefined feminism. We proved to the world that being women means more than just physical beauty but also reflects our internal strength to remain vigilant, strong, steadfast and resourceful.

Through it all, SHEMUD has not only brought out the girls’ competitive side but also team spirit. That is the true beauty of 4X4 extreme sports such as SHEMUD. Even they competed against each other in rough terrain and harsh environments but when push comes to shove, they come together to help others in need and share experiences outside the tracks.

I’ve seen joy; I’ve seen tears, anger, frustration and exhaustion throughout the race. It’s like a small off-road drama going on in the jungle. But at the end of the day it’s all worth it. The girls got extraordinary experiences and made new friends from different nationalities. Even after everyone gone back to their home countries, the friendship remains and since then time different has becoming normal.

SHEMUD not just a platform to garner respect and recognition for female 4X4 enthusiast, but it’s also been recognized as a representation of the modern women and what it takes to survive in today’s world. This is the message we would like to send out to all our sisters out there. Believe me when I say that when we give our all, we give our best. I strongly believe that the experience we shared from SHEMUD will help us become greater women in the real world.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all participating teams for SHEMUD 2015. You are the first SHEMUD girls ever. I’m so proud of every one of you. Congratulations are in order to all, for proving that women too can excel in extreme 4×4 sports like our male counterparts.

I would also like to encourage the others to work harder in SHEMUD 2016. Even though SHEMUD is an all-girls 4X4 extreme challenge, it does not mean man can’t be part of it. Bring along your father, brother, friend, boyfriend and even the whole family. In a way you are going to need them, as they are the perfect support system.

Special thanks to our sponsors and media friends for supporting and driving our objective of promoting the event to the world, especially to the Malaysian sport scene.

Last but not least, I would once again take this opportunity to thank everyone for your tremendous support in making SHEMUD 2015 a very successful event. I hope that this year’s SHEMUD would be more challenging and exciting that it has been last year.

Partners, sponsors and supporters are welcomed to be part of our team.

Come and join us!